Computer Music: Musc 216
Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend class regularly in order to successfully complete the assignments and pass this course. If a student misses more than 25% of class periods FOR ANY REASON, they will be required to drop the class with a final grade of WF.

For the regular semester (Fall and Spring) the maximum number of absences is SEVEN.

For the Summer I semester (June) the maximum number of absences is FIVE.

No Excuses OF ANY KIND (official, written, verbal, etc.) will be accepted for applying toward an absence. An ABSENCE is defined as "not being in class." No time extensions or special dispensation will be extended for any reason whatsoever as the result of an absence. All work is due on the dates and times listed on the Class Schedule.

If a student excedes the maximum number of absenses and does not drop the course, the instructor will return a final grade of F at the end of the semester.

Course Syllabus

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