Computer Music: Musc 216
Extra Credit

Occasionally a student may do poorly on one of the graded requirements for this course such as an exam, listening quiz or project. One (and only ONE) extra credit research paper on some aspect of this course may be submitted to improve a specific grade. The paper must be at least 10 pages in length (excluding title page, end notes & bibliography) and cite at least 6 different NON-INTERNET sources (books, periodicals). Internet sources may be sited but those should be IN ADDITION to non-internet sources. The paper must include a title page, end notes, a bibliography and must conform to a standard research paper format (such as Turabian or MLA).

Also see, the Vanderbilt Student Handbook, Chapter 2: The Honor System, Section 4: Word-for-word copying, Proper Footnoting:

Students are expected to follow the general rules of footnoting for each discipline. One footnote is not sufficient if additional material from the same source is included in a student's work. Footnotes should express the extent of ideas or expressions of others that are used. All direct quotes must be in quotation marks or in block quote format. Simply providing a footnote without using quotation marks or block quote format is a violation. For further information about footnoting, refer to A Manual for Writers by Kate L. Turabian or the MLA Style Sheet.

The paper must be submitted in HARD COPY and on CD as a Microsoft Word document.

Topics for the paper must be submitted in writing to the professor and approved no later than ONE WEEK before the last class session. Extra Credit research papers submitted without prior approval of the instructor will not be accepted.

Here's an appropriate topic for research:

Choose any of the composers on either Listening Quiz1 or Listening Quiz2 and write a research paper on some aspect of this composer and his/her contribution to computer/electronic music. For example:

- Biography of composer (2 pages)

- Why is this composer important to the history of Computer/Electronic Music? (6-7 pages). This section of the paper will be graded CRITICALLY and must contain some ORIGINAL thoughts, analysis, speculation, etc. by the student. No original thinking by he student will result in a grade of no higher than B.

-List of works, discography, bibliography of published articles/books, etc. (2 pages)

Title page
End Notes

All Internet sources must be referenced in endnotes and bibliography. Copying any sources VER BATUM without appropriate references will be considered plagiarism and will result in disciplinary actions by the honor council. See Honor Code.

The extra-credit paper grade will improve ONE old grade by this amount:

 30 points
 22 points
 15 points
 8 points
 0 points

The extra points will be added to the old grade such that the new grade will not exceed B+ (89%). For example, Beth makes 50% on her mid-term exam. She prepares a research paper on James Tenney and his contribution to electro-acoustic music and receives a grade of B for this paper. Twenty-two points are then added to her mid-term exam grade giving her a new mid-term exam grade of 72 %. Only one extra credit paper may be submitted. Only papers may be submitted for extra credit. Extra projects will not be accepted.

Extra credit papers can be submitted at any time. However, the absolute deadline for submission is listed in the Class Schedule. Extra credit papers will be NOT accepted after this deadline.

Please check out Library Resources, especially the links to computer music bibliographies.