Computer Music: Musc 216

Final Exam Part one

Final Exam Part two

The Final Exam will be an "open-book" exam and will cover material presented in the 2nd half of the course -- especially MIDI and Isadora programming techniques.

Part ONE of the exam will be similar to the MIDTERM Exam (online, self-grading) and will consist largely of multiple choice examples dealing with MIDI concepts.

Part TWO is a 'programming' part and consists of specific programming problems related to techniques demonstrated in the Isadora Tutorials and in class demonstrations such as:

1. Play notes

2. Control changes

3. Program changes

You may use whatever reference and computer materials you have available to you. However, do not consult with other students or, indeed, anyone else. All work must be your own work.

Here are some sample questions for you to practice in preparation for the Exam:

1. What is the HEXADECIMAL equivalent of these DECIMAL values: 60, 72, 127

2. What does this MIDI command demonstrate: $9F $3C $7F

3. Create a simple Isadora file which contains these characteristics: (a) play the note C4 on MIDI Channel 5 when you press the "Z" key on your computer keyboard, (2) has a control panel with a slider which controls the volume for MIDI Channel 5, (c) has appropriate COMMENTS which directs the user what to do.

The Exam must be completed and submitted by the deadline described in the Class Schedule.

The programming examples should be saved and enclosed in an EMAIL to the instructor by by the deadline described in the Class Schedule.

The written part of the EXAM and no EMAIL submissions will be accepted after the deadline described in the Class Schedule.

Late Exams will not be accepted for any reason and will result in a grade of F for the Exam.

No material OF ANY KIND (including EXTRA CREDIT papers) will be accepted after the final deadline as described in the Class Schedule.