Computer Music: Musc 216
Late Assignments

Some assignments will be accepted late but the grade will be lowered by ONE LETTER GRADE after the stated DUE DATE for every 24 hour period the assignment is late. An assignment is considered LATE if it is not submitted on the date and time indicated. In addition, if ANY PART of the assignment is not submitted on time, THE ENTIRE assignment is considered late.

These penalties apply particularly to Project1 which will be accepted late.

Project2 will not be accepted late for any reason WHATSOEVER after the deadline listed in the Class Schedule .

Homework assignments are generally not graded, however there are 3 homework assignments which ARE graded and these will be accepted late.

There is usually a set of Study Questions associated with each homework assignment. The Study Questions should be completed as soon as possible after their assigned date. However, the ABSOLUTE DEADLINEs for submission of Study Questions are listed individually. You will not be able to submit Study Questions after these dates and times for any reason whatsoever.

Most assignments will NOT BE ACCEPTED late, particularly: the Mid-term Exam and related programming files and the Final Exam and related programming files. If these items are not completed by the stated due dates in the Class Schedule then you will receive a FAILING GRADE for the portion that was not submitted on time.