Computer Music: Musc 216
Listening Quiz #2 (5% of final grade)

Scheduled Date: (see the Class Schedule )

One of the goals of this class is for students to become familiar with the tradition of classical electro-acoustic music. Toward that goal, students will be required to LISTEN to recordings of electro-acoustic music and then identify individual examples on a LISTENING QUIZ. The quiz will be given at the beginning of class. Missed Listening Quizzes can only be made up if the Professor is presented with a legitimate WRITTEN excuse (see below).

For the QUIZ, you will have to listen to the work and then identify it by TITLE, YEAR OF COMPOSITION and COMPOSER. Works will probably NOT be played from the beginning, so you should listen to the ENTIRE work.

You will have two options for listening to the required examples:

1. Go to the Blair School of Music Library and listen to the recordings there. The Music Library located on the 2nd floor of Blair School of Music, 2400 Blakemore Ave. The CD's cannot be checked out and the Library forbids the use of recording equipment.

2. Use ONLINE audio streaming. For this to work on your computer, you will have to have REALPLAYER installed. No other audio streaming software will work.

CD MUS-1736
CD MUS-1322

Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental -

CD MUS-1319
CD MUS-1321
 Carla Scaletti
CD MUS-6827

Paul Koonce

Whitewash (link is to SEAMUS)
CD MUS-6824

Stan Link

(CD on reserve)

To use the ONLINE listening capabilities of the Music Library, do this:

1. Click here to go the Vanderbilt University's Electronic Reserve page: OAK

2. Click the link: "LOGIN"

3. Enter your VUNET ID and password.

4. Find the YEAR and SEMESTER for the course

5. On the LEFT side of the page, click "Library Resources"

6. Now you will see a list of the various items on BOTH the Listening Quizzes. Consult the list above to see which items are required for THIS Listening Quiz.

7. Remember, you have to have REALPLAYER downloaded and installed on your computer to listen to the examples. It is best if you already have RealPlayer open and running. Download REALPLAYER.

If you cannot get the ONLINE audio streaming to work on your computer, then you will have to go PHYSICALLY to the Blair School of Music Library and listen the the examples there. Technical problems with your computer will not constitute a legitimate excuse for not being prepared for the Listening Quiz.

Check out these sites for an overview of the history of Electronic and Computer Music:

Check out this site for an IN-DEPTH study of "Acousmatic" music (music intended for "loud speakers"):

Listening quizzes can only be made up if the Professor is presented with an official written excuse from one of the following: (1) a medical doctor, (2) the dean of your school. Job interviews, weddings, funerals, etc. will not be accepted. The Quiz can be made up only by writing a paper summarizing each example on the quiz. This includes: (1) a short biography of the composer, (2) your subjective impressions of the work, (3) a summary of electronic/computer music techniques used in the composition; minimum 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times, 1-inch margins, cover page. In addition to content, the paper will also be graded critically for spelling, grammar, etc.

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