Computer Music: Musc 216

Mid-Term Exam Part One will be possted here

Mid-Term Exam Part Two will be possted here

The Mid-term Exam will be an "open-book" exam and will cover all material presented in the course up to that point, particularly handouts, material from assigned WEB pages, assigned reading and class lectures.

The Exam will be divided into two parts: written & programming.

The written part of the Exam will be administered ONLINE via a self-grading FORM. The grade for this part of the Exam will be automatically recorded in your Student Grade File.

The programming part of the Exam will be devoted to creating a synthesis patch and outputting an AIFF file, For example:

Create an Additive Synthesis patch consisting of multiple sine waves with various frequencies and amplitudes.

Create an FM Synthesis patch consiting of a carrier wave at a specific frequency and amplitute and a modulator wave at a specific frequency and modulation depth.

Output your SYD patch as an AIFF file.

You will be allowed to use any written resources (class notes, handouts, textbooks, etc.) and computer resources available to you (course WEB page, tutorial PDF files, etc.).

The Online part of the Exam (Part 1) must be completed and and submitted by the deadline described in the Class Schedule. After that time the Exam will be removed from the Class WEB Page and you will not be allowed to take it.

The programming examples may either be emailed to the professor or saved onto a CD and deposited in the Instructor's mail box at the Blair School of Music by the deadline described in the Class Schedule. The Blair School of Music office closes at 5:00 p.m.

Late Exam CD's or late EMAILS will not be accepted for any reason and will result in a grade of F for that portion of the Exam.

See Instructor for email address.