Computer Music: Musc 216
Study Questions #1: Welcome to class!

Before you answer these questions, you should have reviewed the Course Syllabus, the required reading for this session (including LINKS listed in the Class Schedule), and any LECTURE NOTES. Once you submit your answers, your grade will be recorded in your Student Gradefile and you will not be able to retake the quiz.

Please complete this set of Study Questions before the end of the next class session. However, the absolute deadline for completing them is 10:00 p.m. Friday, February 27.

1. What is another name for 'Electronic Music' and 'Computer Music'?
2. The first substantial piece of music composed on a computer was:
3. One of the people mainly responsible for the development of techniques to use a computer to mathematically represent and manipulate sounds was:
4. One of the major centers for the development of computer music software and synthesis include the Institute for Research and Coordination of Acoustics and Music (IRCAM) which is located in:
5. Computers can be used to compose music by a process known as:
6. Early experiments in electronic tone production began soon after the invention of the vacuum tube. The first important electronic musical instrument was called the:
7. How many EXAMS are there for this course?
8. How many PROJECTS are there for this course?
9. How many LISTENING QUIZZES are there for this course?
10. Can you make up missed IN-CLASS QUIZZES including Listening Quizzes?
11. What should you bring with you to class the next time?
The following questions are taken directly from the assigned movie: Music Meets the ComputerPart1  
12.The movie begins with a brief introduction by the host and then is turned over to someone else who introduces the two main speakers. Who is the person who introduces the speakers?
13. Who is the 1st of the two main speakers?
14. Who is the second of the two main speakers (who will be in Part2)?
15. What was the name of the first computer music program (application)?
16. What was the title of the first computer music composition? :
17. Who created the "Sound Catalog" ?
18. What is the title of the computer music composition which describes the dropping of the 1st atomic bomb in 1945?
19. What was the clock speed of an IBM 704 computer in 1957
20. Who facilitated the purchase of the PDP10 computer at IRCM in Paris in 1979?

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