Computer Music: Musc 216
Study Questions #12: Isadora and Programming Control Changes

Before you answer these questions, you should have reviewed the required reading for this session (including LINKS listed in the Class Schedule), and any LECTURE NOTES. Once you submit your answers, your grade will be recorded in your Student Gradefile and you will not be able to retake the quiz.

Please complete this set of Study Questions before the end of the next class session. However, the absolute deadline for completing them is 10:00 p.m. Friday, April 24.

What is the HEXADECIMAL value for a Program Change on MIDI Channel 1?
How many DATA bytes (numbers) are associated with a Program Change command?
How many programs (sounds; patches) are in a General MIDI bank of sounds?
For every new SCENE in Isadora, you should also add a new ACTIVATE SCENE actor:
To activate the CONTROLS WINDOW in Isadora, you should:
Is COMMENT one of the Controls choices?
Can you record music directly from Isadora to SoundTrack?
To record an AIFF file from Isadora, which application do you use?
Will SoundTrack accept COMPRESSED files?
What is the maximum number of notes you can play at the same time in Isadora by pressing keys on your computer keyboard?

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