Computer Music: Musc 216
Study Questions #9: SoundTrack

Before you answer these questions, you should have reviewed the required reading for this session (including LINKS listed in the Class Schedule), and any LECTURE NOTES. Once you submit your answers, your grade will be recorded in your Student Gradefile and you will not be able to retake the quiz.

Please complete this set of Study Questions before the end of the next class session. However, the absolute deadline for completing them is 10:00 p.m. Friday, February 27.

1. In SoundTrack, what key do you press to start and stop play?
2. In SoundTrack, to get text description of a button or other feature, you should:
3. In SoundTrack, to change the size of the appearance of the tracks, you should:
4. In SoundTrack, to turn off the SNAPPING feature, you should:
5. In SoundTrack, to create a NODE (point) in the Volume or Pan envelope, you should:
6. In SoundTrack, to delete a NODE (point) in the Volume or Pan envelope, you should selecte the NODE and then:
7. In SoundTrack, track volume levels are express in :
8. In SoundTrack, to MUTE an individual track you should:
9. In SoundTrack, to SOLO an individual track you should:
10. In SoundTrack, to export your work as an AIFF file you should choose which option from the FILE menu:
11. In SoundTrack, when you export your work as an AIFF file, should you add 'aiff' to the file name as an extension?:

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