Computer Music: Musc216
XCODE Tutorials for Music and Audio

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Step-by-step tutorials on specific actions
(All examples are in Objective-C)

Click a button and put text into a text field

A simple math problem: Add 2 numbers which you enter in separate text fields and then put the result in a separate field.

Enter a value into a text field based on wich selection you make in a pop-up window

Beep the speaker

Play a sound from a sound file

Drag a slider and put the resulting value in a text field.

Open a new window

Play a MIDI note when you press a button: Enter a note number (0-127) in a text field; enter a velocity number (0-127) into a text field; play the note at the velocity when you press a button. This assumes you have a viable MIDI setup. Check your MIDI setup with another application first to make sure you have MIDI input and output.

Objective-C Code Examples

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