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General Midi PERCUSSION Key Map

For MIDI Channel 10, each MIDI KEY number ("NOTE#") corresponds to a different drum sound, as shown below. While many current instruments also have additional sounds above or below the range show here, and may even have additional "kits" with variations of these sounds, only these sounds are supported by General MIDI Level 1 devices.


Key# Note Drum Sound Key# Note Drum Sound
35 B0 Acoustic Bass Drum 59 B2 Ride Cymbal 2
36 C1 Bass Drum 1 60 C3 Hi Bongo
37 C#1 Side Stick 61 C#3 Low Bongo
38 D1 Acoustic Snare 62 D3 Mute Hi Conga
39 Eb1 Hand Clap 63 Eb3 Open Hi Conga
40 E1 Electric Snare 64 E3 Low Conga
41 F1 Low Floor Tom 65 F3 High Timbale
42 F#1 Closed Hi Hat 66 F#3 Low Timbale
43 G1 High Floor Tom 67 G3 High Agogo
44 Ab1 Pedal Hi-Hat 68 Ab3 Low Agogo
45 A1 Low Tom 69 A3 Cabasa
46 Bb1 Open Hi-Hat 70 Bb3 Maracas
47 B1 Low-Mid Tom 71 B3 Short Whistle
48 C2 Hi Mid Tom 72 C4 Long Whistle
49 C#2 Crash Cymbal 1 73 C#4 Short Guiro
50 D2 High Tom 74 D4 Long Guiro
51 Eb2 Ride Cymbal 1 75 Eb4 Claves
52 E2 Chinese Cymbal 76 E4 Hi Wood Block
53 F2 Ride Bell 77 F4 Low Wood Block
54 F#2 Tambourine 78 F#4 Mute Cuica
55 G2 Splash Cymbal 79 G4 Open Cuica
56 Ab2 Cowbell 80 Ab4 Mute Triangle
57 A2 Crash Cymbal 2 81 A4 Open Triangle
58 Bb2 Vibraslap      


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