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Computer Music Software Downloads
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SYD Central

SYD Central is the home of SYD, an instrument editor and software synthesizer by Jim Bumgardner. It has a graphical "patch cord" interface, and is relatively easy to use, compared to other music languages. It is particularly suitable for teaching computer music. Both Macintosh and Windows versions are available. [GREAT TOOL FOR TEACHING INTRODUCTORY CONCEPTS FOR COMPUTER MUSIC!!


GrainWave 3

GrainWave 3 is a real-time, software synthesizer for Power Macintosh (PPC) computers. GrainWave will run on the standard equipment that comes with any PPC. It does not require any additional hardware. GrainWave has an open synthesis architecture, based upon units called operators. An operator can generate a signal or transform one. Operators are collected into regions which represent individual instruments. One or more regions are contained in a patch. Only one patch at a time is available to be played. GrainWave may be played by using the mouse, the keyboard, and/or MIDI.


Cloud Generator

The Cloud Generator program was developed by Curtis Roads and John Alexander. Cloud Generator synthesizes granular sounds in units called "clouds" and also "granulates" stereo sound files. The program uses the AIFF file format.



Lemur is a system for generating and manipulating sinusoidal models for sampled sound. Lemur is a Macintosh implementation of an extended MQ algorithm for sound analysis and synthesis based on the work of Maher and Beauchamp (1989).



AudioMulch is an interactive musicianŐs environment for Pentium and Pentium II computers running Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. Bringing together the popular with what has up to now been considered experimental, AudioMulch merges the worlds of mainstream electronica and electroacoustic sound composition to create a fluid sonic environment only limited by the artistŐs imagination.

Check out PLUM (Programming Languages Used for Music.


COMPUTER MUSIC SOFTWARE: Algorythmic Composition


Csound is the most widely used software synthesis system. Compiled public domain versions are available for all of the major computer operating system platforms -- various flavors of Unix (SGI, Linux, Sparc and generic Unix), several Windows ports, Macintosh (PowerPC and 68xxx) and even Atari -- and can be downloaded at no cost over the internet via a web browser or ftp from (the Csound Front Page) and mirror sites. Csound provides music synthesis and sound processing procedures apart from the limitations of particular hardware and software systems.


Check out the COMPUTER MUSIC SOFTWARE: Download Sites below. CalArts in particular has sites for downloading a full range of FREEWARE and SHAREWARE software for both MACS and PCS.

Check out PLUM (Programming Languages Used for Music.



Pro Tools

DigiDesign's Pro Tools software gives you complete control of the powerful recording, sequencing, editing and mixing features of the system. Home Studio systems run Pro Tools LE software, a version of Pro Tools that uses your computer's processing power for mixing and processing. Professional Music and Post Production systems run Pro Tools TDM software, which uses the digital signal processing (DSP) hardware on the Pro Tools cards for mixing and processing.

Be sure to check out Pro Tools Free -- That's right! DigiDesign is GIVING AWAY a fully functional version of Pro Tools.

A helpful site for professional audio (including all of DigiDesign's products) can be found at Performance Audio.


CoolEdit Pro

Cool Edit Pro is a digital audio software package for Windows. Features include: ease of use, digital effects modules, 64 tracks, compatable with many different sound cards.


COMPUTER MUSIC SOFTWARE: Sound/Spectral Analysis Tools

Amadeus II

Amadeus II is a powerful tool designed to manipulate, create and analyze sounds. It has a full range of analysis tools, including 2D and 3D spectrums, sonograms, etc. Will create a QuickTime movie of 2D specturm for the entire soundfile. Allows recording to AIFF files with some basic effects (reverb, backwards, etc.). I can't say enough good things about this GREAT application. Also, available at a very reasonalbe SHAREWARE price from KAGI.


COMPUTER MUSIC SOFTWARE: Software Synthesizers

Reaktor [See review of Reaktor at Harmony Central]

REAKTOR is a complete sound design studio with almost endless possibilities for producing and performing music. REAKTOR can be used as a synthesizer, sampler, effects processor, groovebox, and much more. High quality signal processing algorithms and the 32-bit floating point precision of REAKTOR's audio engine guarantee sound quality that meets the highest demands.




Crossloader was put online in August 1999 with a working music file sharing engine for online music builders.



Designed for fast access info, software, media, and mixes for the electronic musician and audio enthusiast. Still in its infancy, Slaterville will continue to develop both in content and design.



Princeton Sound Kitchen

Downloads of various computer music software on various platforms.


Computer Music Software for Macintosh

A list of programs for the Macintosh. Maintained by Tom Erbe, CalArts School of Music (


Computer Music Software for IBM-PC

A list of programs for the PC platform with preference to software that is Windows 95 and NT compatible. Also included are links to ftp sites and homepages. Maintained by Brendon Cassidy, CalArts School of Music (

Downloadmusic is a free interactive tool developed by dload for artists to create their own online website with the ability to distribute their music in mp3 or any digital format they wish to choose, including free streaming of all submitted material. Also includes downloads of music software.


HitSquad - The Musician's Web Center


The internet resource for musicians. is [one of ] the leading Internet resource for musicians, supplying valuable information from news and product reviews, to classified ads and chat rooms. This all-in-one Web site gives musicians benefits not available through traditional physical retail channels and provides extensive product information.


Phil Burk's Computer Music Software Links

Phil Burk is associated with which produces a variety of audio and DSP related products for the music, multimedia, and internet community. [They] also provide contract services related to digital audio, DSP, ASIC design, Java and pForth.


Lale & Mehmet Okonsar's Computer Music Software downloads

Check it out.