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What IS

Isadora is a graphic programming environment for Macintosh (and soon for Windows) computers that provides interactive control over a variety of digital media including video and MIDI. Designed by composer and media artist, Mark Coniglio, ISADORA has over one hundred basic building blocks (called actors) which are available within the Isadora environment. Some actors perform simple functions like watching for a MIDI event, while others allow sophisticated functions such as warping video imagery. By connecting several actors together you determine how the program will respond to a live performer or viewer. You can also combine a group of Isadora's actors into a custom User Actor.

Custom User Actors – Create your own "actors" by grouping together several Isadora modules. These can be saved for use in other patches, or to be shared with other users.

- Live Video Input – Mix or manipulate live video with your prerecorded digital video
- Sound Input – Use sound volume and/or frequency to modulate any parameter
- Multi-Channel Sound Output - Interfaces to a host of ASIO and CoreAudio ready audio devices like the MOTU 828.
- Record Output Feature – Record Isadora's output to QuickTime movie.
- Non Real-Time Video Processing – Record Isadora's output slower than real-time, allowing for full resolution and high frame rates.
- Control Panels – Create a user interface for your Isadora program.
- Snapshot Feature – Store and instantly recall the settings within a Scene
- DV Camera Transport Control - Tell a camera attached to the FireWire bus to play, stop, start, and locate.
- Isadora SDK - Create your own Isadora modules in C or C++.
- Free Frame Support - Isadora is the first commercial Macintosh software to support FreeFrame, an evolving, open-source standard for video-processing plugins.

For more information, see Isadora.

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