Computer Music: Musc 216
JSYD Tutorials

These Online Tutorials were created by the Instructor as an easy introduction to the application JSYD, an instrument editor and software synthesizer by Jim Bumgardner. JSYD will be used in the first part of this couse to teach synthesis theory and techniques. Full documentation for JSYD can be found in the JSYD User Manual.

Tutorial #1: Creating a Simple JSYD Patch

Tutorial #1b: Viewing a Graph Representation of the Patch

Tutorial #1c: Saving your JSYD Patch

Tutorial #2: Setting the Length of the Sound

Tutorial #3: Setting the Sample Rate

Tutorial #4: Output to Memory, AIFF or WAVE

Tutorial #5: Adjusting the Amplitude

Tutorial #6: Adjusting the Frequency

Tutorial #7: Applying the Envelope Generator

Tutorial #8: LFO Modulation of Amplitude

Tutorial #9: LFO Modulation of Frequency

Tutorial #10: JSYD Helicopter Tutorial (creating a helicopter sound)

Tutorial #11: Desconstructing Natural Sounds (synthesizing natural sounds)

Other JSYD Tutorials

Creating a Simple Bell Patch (Additive Synthesis)

Creating an FM Bell Patch (Frequency Modulation Synthesis)

JSYD User Manual (This is a version I have edited with a Table of Contents and Links to the Chapters.)

JSYD (formerly "SoftSynth" and SYD) is an instrument editor and software synthesizer by Jim Bumgardner. It has a graphical "patch cord" interface, and is relatively easy to use, compared to other music languages. It is particularly suitable for teaching computer music. Both Macintosh and Windows versions are available.

Check out SYD Cental.

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